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This is a video from Deutsch, an advertising agency based in Los Angeles, humorously chronicling their experiment with “invention strategy”.

The story behind the video is that Deutsch needed to rebuild the company’s website and re-design their digital capabilities.  Winston Binch, the Chief Digital Officer, had been questioning the relationship between ad campaigns and product development, and decided to test the “invention strategy” idea.  It’s a way to embrace invention thinking and combine it with advertising as a sell-able product to customers.  In Binch’s own words, “…in today’s world you have to think in real time and be a lot faster than ad agencies typically are. That’s where we came up with this notion of an invention service.”  Binch decided to try a new approach to a digital campaign, and created 30 Days to Beta: an experimental process that re-designed Deutsch’s website in 30 days.

As the video explains, a team was assembled and immediately set on a sprint.  They were self-managed, which sped up the process by eliminating the need for all the meetings that Binch refers to in the beginning of the video.  The process was designed to be more “agile” with a focus on “lean development”, indicating a new faster approach to advertising which usually takes months to put together.  The result is an ad campaign and a product that are both assembled at the same time.

There are a lot of innovative skills put to good use here: the questioning of the advertising process, and the observing of the creation process.  But what I most admire about this project is their willingness to take risks and try something new, and their ability to recognize their shortcomings and learn from them.   They acknowledge the criticisms they received via social media, and I like how they took those real-time questions into consideration during their 30 day re-design.  I also like how the tone of the video satirically pokes fun at Deutsch at times… it’s refreshing to see an agency that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.   The #30Days2Beta campaign is an interesting experiment, and I’m glad that Deutsch chronicled it for us all to see.