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Print Ad – Drambuie “A Taste of Excellence”



The main objective of this ad is to modernize the Drambuie brand and make it’s product more attractive to a younger generation of consumers.  The target audience for the ad is younger adults (probably age 25-40) with disposable income, who are in creative industries or have a creative background.  The ad attempts to reframe Drambuie, a liquor that is generally consumed by older generations, as an attractive, hip, refined drink choice.  This is conveyed visually through the moonlit, monochrome landscape with the Drambuie bottle emphasized in sharp contrast.  These visuals are allusions to surrealist artists like Dali to Escher, and would appeal to this younger, creative class.  The message is also conveyed through the new slogan “A Taste of Excellence”, and the copy beneath it reading “Discover the unique blend of aged scotch whisky, spices, heather honey & herbs”.